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Indian Heritage Centre - A New Cultural Landmark (Publication)

The Indian Heritage Centre combines contextual design solutions and contemporary architectural language to create a culturally sensitive, content rich and inclusive space.

Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) Launch

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Indian Heritage Centre Launched by PM Lee Hsien Loong on 7 May 2015(Publication)

The Indian Heritage Centre, located in the heart of Little India at the junction of Campbell Lane and Clive Street, was officially launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) Galleries


Indian Heritage Centre Galleries (Publication)

The Galleries in Indian Heritage Centre, located in the heart of Little India at the junction of Campbell Lane and Clive Street.

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Indian Heritage Centre Set For May Launch (Publication)

The Indian Heritage Centre, located in the heart of Little India at the junction of Campbell Lane and Clive Street, will be opened to the public in early May.

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Sanctuary in the heart of Singapore's Sentosa Cove (Publication)

A tropical retreat on the banks of Singapore's fashionable Sentosa Cove, the aptly named Sanctuary by the Sea seemlessly integrates modern architecture with marine scenery.

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2 Cove Way (Publication)

The advantage of building a house is that you can use it to make a statement. For this Hong Kong-based couple who’s in the lighting business, a Sentosa Cove holiday home is transformed into a glowing showcase for LED illumination. Says the house’s architect Greg Shand:
“They didn’t want a gaudy display; they wanted to show how LED light can help establish a warm home environment.”...

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Singapore Indian Heritage Centre (Publication)

Another step in setting up the Indian Heritage Centre was taken yesterday with President S R Nathan unveiling a foundation plaque at its site in Little India. But even before construction begins next year, the centre has been actively seeking feedback from the community through focus-group sessions and the launch of a Facebook page. The $12 million centre is expected to be completed by December 2013...

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Singapore Indian Heritage Centre (Publication)

By day, the Indian Heritage Centre will shimmer when sunlight hits its facade. At night, it will glow when lit from within.
This winning design for the building, which is expected to open in 2013, was unveiled yesterday following a competition for locally registered architecture firms.
A collaboration between Robert Greg Shand Architects and URBNarc, it features an eye-catching translucent facade that will become iridescent when it reflects daylight but transparent when backlit at night, to reveal a colourful mural.
Mr Alvin Tan, director of heritage institutions and industry development at the National Heritage Board (NHB), said the design “marries modern contemporary design together with Indian-inspired architectural elements”...

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Sentosa Cove (Publication)

When he first came to Singapore 14 years ago, Greg Shand designed Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) in areas in the prime districts like Cluny Park and Gallop Park. So, the New Zealander-turned-Singapore permanent resident feels he has a good idea of how the rich and famous in Singapore live.
He was given the job of designing four bungalows at Sentosa Cove in 2005 for private[y held boutique developer Wah Khiaw Developments. “The experience I got from planning GCBs led naturally to doing waterfront houses at Sentosa Cove,” says the 38-year-old...

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139 Cove Drive (Publication)

Waterfront properties may well be the crème de la crème of real estate, but they don’t always come with riparian rights. Often, the strip of land along the water is a public right of way, which directly affects privacy and security.
Such was the case with this picturesque waterfront property on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Architect Greg Shand, who was contracted to design the house, says the double lot also posed another challenge — regulations stipulated that only 50% the site could be built on, and on top of that there needed to be a greater-than-normal setback from the boundaries...

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58 Ocean Drive (Publication)

Like many of the houses in Sentosa Cove, this cornerplot three-storey bungalow stays true to its tropical roots with its exterior clad in natural wood, stone and as a final touch, two leaning coconut trees. However, it is the interior where one sees the full extent of the blend of natural materials with modern design...